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Simply Play Cricket - Biggest Cricket Org in NE - 2013 SPC CONAGRA CUP RULES BOOK


If you have any confusion regarding the rule please contact the SPC Members in respective teams before the start of the game.


Rule Book Update

SPC reserves the right to update the rule book during the course of the 2013 ConAgra Cup.


Player Sex Rule

Both Men and Women are encouraged to participate in this tournament.


Timings Rule

The teams should be present at the ground 15 minutes prior to the game. In case of delay by the teams there will be a penalty for 1 over’s cut for every 5 minutes after the initial 10 minutes have been passed from the start time. Umpires will strictly enforce rules on late arrival.



Umpiring decisions will be considered as final. No Questions. Respective team captains will appoint their senior team members or themselves as umpires during the course of the game. Both the captains should agree to it. If SPC members are available they can assist in umpiring as required.



1. All tournament games will be 14 over’s a side.

2. All games have to be played in SPC South Field Hefflinger Park scheduled grounds unless otherwise notified in schedule, else will be considered invalid.

3. 11 players per side. The Roaster’s list should be of 20 members.

4. Three over’s maximum per bowler throughout the tournament.

5. All umpiring decisions will be final. No Arguments.

6. If any players don’t listen then captain will take care of it. Any Physical fight will disqualify the whole team.

7. Team can have one substitute player in case if some player needs rest. Both Captains should agree to it. The substitute player can be of any team.

8. Substitute can only field.

9. Bi-Runner will be allowed if both Captains agree to it.

10. Two Bouncer will be allowed in an Over.  Any ball (First or subsequent) which goes above the head is a no Ball.

11. All balls above Waist will be a NO-Ball and Foot LINE No ball is also there. There is rule for free hit & Power Play.

12. Batsman Retired Hurt will only be allowed in true cases and both captains should agree to it in this tournament. The batsman getting retired hurt will be the last batsman to come and bat once changed for retired hurt case. This rule should not be exploited by teams.


Free Hit Only with Front Foot No Ball only. 

Free Hit after a front foot-fault no ball, the delivery following a no ball called for a front foot fault shall be a free hit for whichever batsman is facing it. If the delivery for the free hit is not a legitimate delivery (any kind of no ball or a wide ball) then the next delivery will become a free hit for whichever batsman is facing it. For any free hit, the striker can be dismissed only under the circumstances that apply for a no ball, even if the delivery for the free hit is called wide ball. Field changes are not permitted for free hit deliveries unless there is a change of striker. If the umpire notices a change in fielding position that ball will be a no- ball followed by a free-hit. On Free hit delivery even if the batsman get out he is considered as not out. But run out is considered as OUT.


Power Play

First four over’s will be batting power play compulsory and only two fielders will be outside the inner circle.






Please refer the table below for clear understanding of Power Play:


SPC ConAgra Cup 2013

Total Over’s

Mandatory Power Play at the start of innings

Bowling Power play

Total Power play



4 Over’s (2 Players Outside the Inner Circle)

0 Over’s



Field Positions

At any given time, there has to be at least 4 players excluding keeper and bowler inside the circle. There is no limit on how many players on each side of the wicket.


Super Over

All games will have a super-over in case of a tie. Each team will designate one person to bowl and 3 batsmen to bat to play out the super over. Toss will decide if game is tied even after that.


Net Run Rate (NRR)

Net Run Rate will be used to decide the team ranking if there is a tie on points. Run Rate will be straight forward.

Runs For/Over’s Played – Runs against / over’s Bowled

If a team gets bowled out before the innings over’s bowled, the full quota of over’s will be counted against them.





Batsman can run for Byes but there is no LBW and no run for Leg byes.


13. Players are not supposed to have water bottles on the field. It’s up to the fielding team captain to see their players don’t have any kind of bottles or other things on the field around their players. And when the game gets over please dispose the bottles in garbage.

14. 2 points will be awarded for a win. If the game is washed out due to rain then 1 point will be awarded to each team.

15. If the team gives walkover to another team 2 points will be considered for another team but the run-rate will be considered as 0 for both the teams for that particular game.

16. Also to keep the ground in good condition, do not drink or smoke within the premises.

17. All league points will be considered towards League Tournament Ranking Structure.

18. Every team has to carry a first aid kit (available at CVS Pharmacy/Walgreens or other similar stores) with them at all times.


Physical Players-Fights & Conflicts Resolution

The captains are requested to exchange the list of playing eleven and Borrowed player before the toss.

Captains shall advise members of their respective teams that the Umpires’ decision is final and binding in regards to the playing of the game. Any individual acting in an ungentle manly or un-sportsman like manner or using profanity shall not be tolerated by the Umpires nor should it be tolerated by the team to which that individual belongs. Disciplinary action shall be taken by the team itself against the offending player. In the event the team fails to take such action against the player, the SPC Organizing Committee may impose sanctions against the player of the team or both the player and team, at the SPC Organizing Committee‘s discretion.

If at any point of the game on/off the field if there is a fight between the players of any team during the game, those teams/players will be warned there itself for the first time. Captains need to ensure their teams/players do not get into any sort of arguments or fights with the other teams/players. Failure to do so and incase of a second fight in the same game/tournament the players will be expelled from the game immediately by the umpire(s) and the team will have to play with the remaining players itself. Those players will not be allowed to play in any other games in the tournament also. If any teams fails to comply with it, the team will be automatically expelled in case of a fight for the second time with the same player involved and further action in the league/tournament is at the SPC Organizing Committee‘s discretion.


SPC is not responsible in case of dead or injury to any player playing in the cricket matches. Every single player is playing on their own risk without putting any claims on SPC, Sponsors & Families.

It is the responsibility of the players/captains to contact one of the organizing committee members for a copy of the waiver that you automatically signed and agreed to when you played in matches.


Remember one more time; the idea here is to have CRICKET FUN & Entertainment.