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SPC Ground Levelling Project
Hi All,
Simply Play Cricket Club (SPC)

SPC, established in 2011, is a not-for-profit organization that provides the infrastructure for hosting cricket games in Omaha, NE at the lowest cost to participants and focus on development of cricket among the youth in Omaha and surrounding areas.


Growth from humble beginnings. "Build it and they will come!" – That was the big risk Simply Play Cricket took in 2011. Looking at the progress that SPC has been made, it appears that the risk has paid dividends. From humble beginnings of finding a field to play, to laying a permanent pitch and a permanent mat, to building a practice facility for cricket enthusiasts, hosting numerous indoor and outdoor tournaments and league cricket  in multiple formats, SPC has grown to hosting approximately 300+ matches in a 12 month period spanning multiple seasons. More importantly, the patronage on the Facebook site has grown to over 450 members.


Outreach beyond Omaha. Beyond just local competition, SPC partnered with Cricket Association of Nebraska (CAN) to host the United States of America Central West Regional Tournament and toured Colorado, Texas, Kansas and Iowa as combined eleven. In 2014, recognizing the growing talent pool in the Omaha and Lincoln area, SPC and CAN formed the Mid-American Cricket League to accommodate a competition among the local teams. Additionally, a combined SPC XI has established itself as a serious contender for major tournaments like the Heartland Cricket League and Lincoln's Night Cricket Tournament, winning the championships twice in succession.


Youth Development. Furthering the vision to promote junior talent, SPC launched a Junior Cricket Academy in 2014 and hosted the inaugural 8 session coaching camp that was wildly successful with the help of volunteer coaches.


Cricket Mania. The 2014 season has included the following events –


  •         Spring Master Blaster Tennis Ball Indoor Tournament (March 2014)
  •           T16 Tennis Ball Cricket League (Summer 2014; 14 teams competed)
  •           Mid- American Cricket League - T20 Leather Ball  (Summer 2014; 5 teams)
  •          USACA Central West Region T20 Tournament (Memorial Day Weekend; Co-hosted with CAN)
  •          ConAgra Cup T12 Tennis Ball Tournament (June 2014; 16 teams participated)
  •         Colorado Cricket League T20 Tournament (Labor Day Weekend; SPC, CAN & HCL players)
  •          ProKarma Cup T12 Tennis Ball Tournament (Sept/Oct 2014; 14 teams participated)
  •          Winter Master Blaster Tennis Ball Indoor Tournament (Dates to be decided)



Faster, Further, Higher. As the competition grows, so does the demand for more cricket. To cater to this demand from cricket enthusiast in Omaha, SPC is looking to enhance existing facilities to provide a safer and more professional environment. Towards this, SPC has approached the city to consider leveling of the South Field. Initial quotes for leveling, applying sod and other enhancements are approaching the $15,000 mark.


Reach into your wallets. As a non-profit organization, SPC relies on sponsors and its patrons for funding these efforts. If patrons can pitch in with a minimum of $200 contributions, our Home Ground (the South Field) will become a sought after venue for not just local cricket enthusiasts, but also for hosting tournaments that will attract competitive teams from all over USA and also for developing cricket in our youth. If you can afford more, please consider giving more. We'd like to have the donations in by November 5th in order to have the work started before it snows. Donations maybe handed over to any of the SPC committee members - Mohammed Akthar, Asad Syed, Rizwan Mirza, Suresh Yadav or Purathatil Krishnan or your Respective Team Captains or Representives- (Dear Captains please forward to your respective team members)

Investment. Think of it as an investment in your health. Many of us sit for hours at work and accumulate a whole load of stress during our work weeks. Cricket is a great outlet to reduce stress, showcase your talent and acquire transferable skills like teamwork, leadership and emotional intelligence. It also instills a sense of achievement that is picked up by our children to emulate.Come and make a donation.
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